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Ivy League Schools Emphasize Academics Over Athletic Scholarships

Ivy Central

Ivy Leagues are a group of eight esteemed and academically distinguished private research universities in the Northeastern United States. The Ivy League conference is one of the top-ranked academic athletic conferences in the NCAA Division I sports. They offer only need-based financial aid to athletic students.

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Is Cornell Ivy League?


Established in the late 19th century, Cornell University was the final college to join the Ivy League. The school is unique among both Ivies and private colleges, with government land grants and multiple campuses. Cornell's academic strength is concentrated in STEM, where it outranks its Ivy League peers.


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What Is A Good SAT Score For The Ivy League?

Solomon Admissions

Because of the Ivy League’s level of prestige and high-esteemed academics, competition for its coveted few freshman class spots is fierce. Hundreds of thousands of students apply each year to the Ivy League from around the world – for the Class of 2027, over 400,000 students applied across all eight Ivy League schools.

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Ivy League Schools Ranked – 2024

College Transitions

By now, whether you’ve been told about them at a young age, or you know someone attending one of them, or they’re a fairly recent discovery, my guess is that you’ve heard of the Ivy League schools. Perhaps you’re one of the many who believe that the Ivy League […] But do you really know them?

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Ivy League Schools vs Public Ivy League: Which is the Better Choice?


When it comes to prestigious colleges, the terms “Ivy League” and “Public Ivies” often come up. The post Ivy League Schools vs Public Ivy League: Which is the Better Choice? But what distinguishes these. appeared first on Road2College.

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Recent Trends: Ivy League and Other Colleges with Low Acceptance Rates

Spark Admissions

That alone is likely enough to keep application numbers high, as students who might have skipped applying to Ivy League schools because of their test scores will now apply anyway. If you want to know whether your profile is competitive for an Ivy League school, schedule an initial consultation with us.

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Is Attending an Ivy League Worth It?

SSA Online College Prep

The Ivy League universities are some of the most exclusive and expensive colleges in the country, but they’re worth it in the long run! Should you apply to the Ivy League schools? Whenever anyone thinks about college, one thought that pops up is “Ivy League”. Read more college admissions tips on our blog !