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Improving the Applicant Experience and Institutional Results Through Transcript Services


One area that fits that need is using transcript services, which is why RNL has added this to our roster of solutions. Why are transcript services important? RNL Transcript Services take an requirement off a prospective student’s plate. How does RNL Transcript Services work?

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Transcript certificate | Requirements for study abroad programs


Transcript certificates | Introduction In the field of international education, striving for academic achievement frequently requires crossing national boundaries. When prospective students go to study abroad programs, it becomes critical to understand the subtleties of the documentation needs.


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Do I Need to Submit Updated Transcripts?

Anna Ivey Consulting

Is it a good idea to send schools an updated transcript? This might be good news or bad news for you, depending, but in fact you are required to submit updated transcripts. Submit them to LSAC as before, and LSAC will send a new Academic Summary Report with your updated transcript to your schools automatically.

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How I Fought to Remove Compulsory Test Scores on Transcripts


It’s The post How I Fought to Remove Compulsory Test Scores on Transcripts appeared first on Road2College. This story was first published as a post by a parent in our Paying for College 101 Facebook community.

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How Do I Get My High School Transcript?

College Transitions

If you’re a high school student researching colleges, you may have noticed that most colleges require you to submit a high school transcript with your application. But what information is on your high school transcript,

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Explaining a Low Grade on Your Transcript 

The Koppelman Group

Whether it’s an awkward transition to high school freshman year that took a toll on your science grade, or a teacher you simply didn’t meld with for junior year English, there are lots of reasons why you might have a dip on your transcript that isn’t representative of what you’re capable of. Applying to college is tough, so send us an email.

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Is Online Education Really in Trouble? No, and Here Is Why!


Our new Transcript Service will even retrieve applicants past transcripts for them. RNL’s recruitment and cultivation services help institutions with cultivation and courting from inquiry to application and from application to enrollment and much more.

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