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To Test or Not To Test in 2023-24? Deciding if you want to go Test-Optional

Ivy Central

To Test or Not to Test in 2023-24? What Does it Mean to be Test-Optional (2023-24)? Many Universities in the US are remaining Test-Optional for the upcoming application season (2023-24). Would you benefit from submitting a score to a test-optional university?

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Breaking News: Stanford Reinstates Standardized Testing

Top Tier Admissions

Stanford will reintroduce standardized testing requirements for undergraduate admissions starting in fall 2025 for admission to the Class of 2030. For rising seniors (students applying in fall 2024), Stanford will remain test-optional.

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Harvard Reinstates Standardized Testing


Harvard has reinstituted its standardized test requirement beginning next fall. Studies suggest standardized tests can help increase socioeconomic diversity. Add Harvard to the list of universities reinstating standardized test requirements. Brown soon hopped aboard the testing bandwagon, offering the same rationale. [S]trong

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To Test or Not to Test?

Admissions Village

Test scores and test-optional admissions, which have been in the spotlight for several years now, are getting renewed attention as of late. Many colleges have still not decided if they will become permanently test-optional for admissions. Perhaps not surprisingly, demand for SAT and ACT testing has been rising.

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Guide to English Proficiency Tests for College Applications

ACM College Consulting

English proficiency tests could be an application requirement if you are an international student, non-native English speaker or attending a school which is not in English and/or in an English-speaking country. With several options available, it's important to understand the different tests and admissions requirements.

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Standardized Testing and Its Role in College Admissions

Top Tier Admissions

In this ever-changing college admissions landscape, the role of standardized testing remains a hot topic (and source of confusion). Understanding how these tests fit into the broader admissions process can help demystify their purpose and highlight strategies you can use to enhance your applications.

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Standardized Testing in College Admission

Solomon Admissions

Debunking the myths To submit testing, or not to submit testing, that is the question on every student’s mind, but how much do colleges even care about standardized scores?