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What You Need to Know About Evaluating the Value of AP Exam Credits

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In this 5 step process, you’ll know how much those college credits are worth. For brevity, we will use “AP” to represent the process for each type of possible college credit in this blog. . Determine if there is a maximum number of AP credits/courses a college will accept. Estimate the number of usable AP credits

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How to Succeed as a Rutgers Premed

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Chances are, you probably opted to take AP courses in high school to fast-track your college education by eliminating the number of courses you’d need to take. Additionally, AP credit usually counts for introductory college courses. Depending on the credits you entered college with (i.e.,

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AP Scores and College Credit

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Although this year AP tests were “non-traditional”, many colleges have said that they will still award AP credit ( see this list by Prompt ). AP scores will be available online beginning July 15. Even if you do not receive credit, it’s important to send your official score report.

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How Universities Make Admissions Decisions: 15 Factors

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Subject Test Scores (AP; IB) While it’s important to study and try your best —especially knowing that AP credits may transfer to your college—it might give you peace of mind that your AP and IB scores aren’t at the top of the list.

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The Ultimate Guide to Conquering AP/IB Exams

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Achieving high scores can also translate into college credit in certain cases (i.e. if you receive a 3+ in AP Physics, that translates to PHY 302K, 105M at UT Austin), allowing you to bypass prerequisite courses and delve into more advanced studies.

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FAQs About AP Course Selections.Answered!

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AP classes may save you time and money later on, because you have the potential to earn college credits and maybe even bypass some introductory classes once you get to college. Are there any drawbacks to taking an AP course? Some brave students may opt for another pathway to earning AP credit: self-study.

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Arkansas Schools Defy State’s AP African American Studies Limits


But six schools are willing to take the risk: The North Little Rock Center for Excellence eSTEM High School Jacksonville High School The Academies at Jonesboro High School Central High School North Little Rock High School Typically, the state covers the cost of the end-of-term exam required to receive full AP credit.